About Us

The Managing Director, Mr. F B Ghoora had the innovative idea of importing genuine and high quality second hand vehicles from the producing country – Japan, in order to serve this highly expanding middle class family. Thus, the FB Ghoora Co. Ltd was set up in 1996.

In the early years, the Stock of vehicles was small, consisting mainly of cars and some vans. With the passage of time, the Mauritian population in general highly appreciated the quality and durability of our vehicles. Consequently, due to soaring demand for our motor vehicles, the company slowly but surely started to grow.

Today, FB Ghoora Co. Ltd is one of the leading companies in Mauritius dealing with high quality reconditioned vehicles from Japan and European Countries. The company is also by far the leader in the import and sale of trucks and commercial vehicles on the island.  Our stock consists of more than 200 vehicles, which will surely boggle your eyes and mind!

You need a vehicle! Whichever make and whatever type from Japan or Europe, stop searching! Visit our 3 showrooms at Pailles or simply call us on 208 5152! You will certainly have a vehicle of your dreams!
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